Human Resource Development in the formal sector

Introduction of FOSS in the Higher Education Curricula

The following are some of the specific activities of NRCFOSS in this regard:

  • a) Introduction of FOSS theory subjects in the Computer Science and I. T. Curricula, initially as Elective courses or as clusters of FOSS Electives. NRCFOSS supports the universities in this task through syllabi preparation, teacher training, book writing, training material preparation, etc.
  • b) Migrating Educational and Research Packages and Products to their FOSS equivalents. Almost all departments in educational institutions use a range of software packages for educational and R&D purposes, and many of these do have their equivalents in FOSS. NRCFOSS helps the departments in migrating to these FOSS alternatives through conducting short term courses and training programs in them
  • c) Supporting the setting up of FOSS Laboratories for lab classes, student projects, etc. and providing FOSS mentorship to student projects.
  • d) Supporting Internship Programs for students and Visiting Scientist Programs for faculty to carry out FOSS work at NRCFOSS-AU.
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