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NRC-FOSS sponsored python-openmoko project ...

Dated: Wed 2nd April 2008 Posted by: webmaster

Team member of the python-openmoko project reports

note: NRC-FOSS had purchased an openmoko phone and made it available to the team for development work. 

Python Openmoko Project

A brief report

The python openmoko project was started to bring python support for the openmoko
software stack.

This includes creating bindings for the openmoko libraries and a generic prototype for the
gsmd called as the python-gsmd. We had a couple of releases for pygsmd and
am happy to report its one of the most downloaded projects from the third
party repository of openmoko.

The pymoko-libs which are bindings to the openmoko libraries is constantly evolving
since the core libraries change regularly. Do note that the OM software stack *is not* stable
yet and not ready for release. Hence much work had been spent on improving the
core functionality first. This is reflected in a few patches I had sent which got accepted
upstream. Right now, we are devoting our time to fix and improve the core of the OM stack
by sending in bug reports, sending in patches and general testing.

The work on the python-jit for ARM could not be carried out at this time since, its a herculean
task requiring some heavy experience on the same. We are looking at pypy and psyco
and hope to do this in the future outside the OM project. This task upto now consists of
very preliminary code that has not been tested on a real device.


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