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Dated: Mon 10th July 2006 Posted by: webmaster

NRC-FOSS anounces student fellowship programme

NRC-FOSS at AU-KBC is pleased to anounce student fellowship programmes. Students who wish to do part time projects in FOSS may submit proposals to us. On approval, the student will have to host the project on our repositories and adhere to a mutually agreed timeline. The student will be paid as and when the deliverables are produced in the repository in accordance with the timeline.

We will also arrange for a mentor for the student. The student may work remotely or may avail of the facilities in the centre. Or both.

We have a large faculty engaged in research in natural language processing, cryptography, face and character recognition, bioinformatics, life sciences and have already produced a large body of code and applications in these fields. Much of our code is being open sourced - and we invite you to be a part of this exciting movement.

If you are interested head across to the wiki and add your proposal in the project ideas section. Please note that we want people with a proven record in foss - and your ability to edit the wiki and add a cogent proposal will help prove this.

Please give contact information in your proposal so we can get back to you. We also request willing mentors to add their names and areas of interest/expertise to the wiki. 

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