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FOSS Workshop at Jaipur ...

Dated: Mon 6th November 2006 Posted by: Anant

MNIT may introduce FOSS elective thanks to NRCFOSS

The NRCFOSS conducted a workshop jointly with ilugd and Malaviya National Institute of Technology at Jaipur on the 3rd and 4th of November.

The workshop was largely successful, with over 80 students attending the event at MNIT Jaipur. There were a total of 5 talks covering a range of topics from FOSS Basics to using FOSS tools for research.

Prof. C.N. Krishnan & Kenneth Gonsalves held talks with the faculty of the Computer Engineering department as well as the Director of the Institute regarding the proposed FOSS elective. The interaction ended on a positive note, and the elective should most probably be introduced by January next year.

This was followed by two sets of sessions with the students. Kenneth started off with an introduction to FOSS and tools used in FOSS development. Prof. Krishnan followed with a talk on management issues in FOSS, sharing his experience as the Director of NRCFOSS. The Delhi team arrived shortly afterwards and Raj Mathur begain his talk on the FOSS philosophy and licenses. Dr. Gora Mohanty and Prof. Andrew Lynn then took over with sessions on translation and research through FOSS tools respectively.

The day concluded with a brainstorming session on the proposed syllabi for the elective, and other issues such as increasing FOSS awareness in Rajasthan. 

The 4th of November was reserved for talks by Prof. Krishnan and Kenneth at the LNMIIT , while the Delhi team gave similar talks at the Banasthali Vidyapith .

Some photos are available at the gallery:

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