Project Title:

Tamil Panchangam for open source


Tamil Panchangam is the Indian calendar, which has been in use for centuries. This calendar covers everything from the phases of the moon,the positions of stars and planets,and identifies auspicious times and days for various activities.

Tamil panchangam is a Hindu astrological almanac or calendar, which follows traditional Indian cosmology, and presents important astronomical data in tabulated form. It is sometimes spelled Pancanga or Panchanga. In this project the Tamil panchangam application computes panchangam for the given Gregorian calendar day such as Tamil month,Tamil year, Tithi , Nakshatra, Raghu Kaalam , Yema Kandam etc.

Python is a remarkably powerful dynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains.PyGTK is a package imported for the creating the GUI and the swisseph package is imported for getting the tamil years for calculating the nalla neram,raghu kaalam etc.The future implementation will be implementation of the program along with the source code.