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A geographic information system (GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. GIS technology can be integrated into any enterprise information system framework. A GIS is most often associated with a map. A map, however, is only one way you can work with geographic data in a GIS, and only one type of product generated by a GIS. A GIS can provide a great deal more problem-solving capabilities than using a simple mapping program or adding data to an online mapping tool (creating a "mash-up").

A GIS can be viewed in three ways:

The Database View:    A GIS is a unique kind of database of the world—a geographic database (geodatabase). It is an "Information System for Geography." Fundamentally, a GISis based on a structured database that describes the world in geographic terms

The Map View:    A GIS is a set of intelligent maps and other views that show features and feature relationships on the earth's surface. Maps of the underlying geographic information can be constructed and used as "windows into the database" to support queries, analysis, and editing of the information.

The Model View:    A GIS is a set of information transformation tools that derive new geographic datasets from existing datasets. These geoprocessing functions take information from existing datasets, apply analytic functions, and write results into new derived datasets.


GPS has become a widely used aid to navigation worldwide, and a useful tool for map-making, land surveying, commerce, scientific uses, tracking and surveillance, and hobbies such as geocaching and waymarking. Also, the precise time reference is use in many applications including the scientific study of earthquakes and as a time synchronization source for cellular network protocols.



It allows someone to track his/her friend having GPS enabled mobile phone using Google Maps. All this project need is to have a data plan with the mobile phone provider so that updates can be made to the web site from the mobile phone. The project is to be built with PHP and MYSQL. It also uses J2ME on the mobile phone to transfer data. Once if a buddy registers himself within the network his path will be under tracking. If suppose the other buddy on the network wants to know where a particular buddy is all he has to do is just enter the ID of that particular buddy displayed on the screen. The moment he enters the ID of a buddy a marker appears on the map with an information window displaying some details of that buddy. On the other hand there is also option available for people those who dont have GPS mobile. In this case he/she can just log on to the page and search for the latitude and longitude where he is currently and can manually enter the latitude and longitude on to the database which can be retrieved by the other user to mark his location. This application is deployed in a manner such that certain other tracking is also incorporated apart from buddy pointing which will be usefull for some business purposes and life saving missions that needs tracking.