Project Title:

SMS Reader cum Backup Generator for Android


This project , “SMS Reader cum Backup Generator” is meant for Android powered mobile phones. This project aims at enabling Android mobile phones to read out the incoming as well as the Inbox SMS messages for the users and to create and restore a backup of the SMS messages stored in the phone's Inbox.

Android is the first free, open source and more customizable mobile platform. Android provides an Operating System, key mobile applications and a rich set of APIs for application development. This project makes use of the Text-To-Speech(TTS) API included in Android SDK 1.6+.

The Objective of this project is to design and implement a mobile application such that it,

  • Reads out the Incoming SMS messages on its arrival.
  • Reads out the SMS messages stored in the Inbox on user's request.
  • Provides a way to backup all the Inbox SMS messages in a human readable format.
  • Provides a way to Backup all Inbox SMS messages in XML format so that it can be restored through this same application.