Project Title:

Advanced Communication in KOHA ILS


The aim of the project “Advanced Communication in KOHA ILS” is to communicate with the library members using advanced communicative features like e-mail and SMS.

The objectives of this project

  1. SMS & E-mail Alerts
    • Alerting the customers regarding their due dates, fines, renewal dates.
    • Alerts for both account renewal as well as book renewal through SMS and E-mail.
    • Renewals of book can be done through SMS.
  2. Managing Purchase suggestion
    • Purchase suggestion is an option given to the customer to suggest the library to buy the books which are not available in the library.
    • When customer suggests a particular item (book) and if the suggestion is valid, then we will accept that suggestion. After accepting the suggestion, the customer must be intimated that his/her suggestion was accepted. The intimation is done through automatically through e-mail. Any unwanted or spam purchase suggestions must be deleted.
    • If we want to know any further clarifications from customers regarding their purchase suggestion, we will e-mail the customer directly requesting for further clarification. The e-mail must be sent from the staff login itself. We need to provide the appropriate form in staff login. The reply from the customer should have also been received.