NRCFOSS (National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software) works to promote Free/Open Source Software in Ind with the twin goals of (i) helping to bridge the digital divide by making Software products and solutions affordable to common people (ii) strengthening India's Software and IT Industry by enhancing the quality of trained manpower. NRCFOSS is a multi-institutional project funded by the Dept. Of Inf. Tech., Govt of India, and coordinated nationally by C-DAC Chennai. Besides C-DAC Chennai and AU-KBC Research Centre (Anna University Chennai), the following institutions participate in this project: I I T Madras, IIT Bombay, C-DAC Centres at Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi.

The overall goals of the NRCFOSS project include the following:

  • R & D on specific FOSS technologies & solutions such as operating systems, Compilers etc.
  • Education and Certification in FOSS at the university and professional levels.
  • FOSS Technology Development, Deployment, Promotion, Metric Development, Adoption assessment, etc.
  • Creation of FOSS repositories and data bases for educational,training and research purposes.

NRCFOSS-AU, the Anna University Chennai unit of the NRCFOSS Project, focuses on the Education and Certification aspects of FOSS promotion, with the following specific goals:

  • Human Resource Development in FOSS in the formal sector-- introducing FOSS in the Higher Education Curricula.
  • Human Resource Development in FOSS in the non-formal sector – the FOSS Competency Certification Programme
  • Development of a FOSS-based CSE/IT Engineering Degree Program.
  • Development of a FOSS Maturity Model for Departments/Institutions/Enterprises
  • Contributing to the creation of FOSS Repositories and Banks